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2022-08-23 2022 R4 Nationals

Will be held over the weekend of 9th - 11th September. More details can be found here

2019-05-19 WRC2019 - Downriver

This was the event that we hoped that we would do best in, due to our combined whitewater experience, and extensive training on the river over the last few weeks. We were set off in two heats of 8 boats each, which made for some crowded racing in the first few rapids. We got off the start initially in 4th place behind Costa Rica, Indonesia and the USA. We managed to sneak past the USA in the 3rd rapid, and from then on the racing was tight with several lead changes and lots of interest. A strong Nepal team fought from last off the start to eventually win our heat, and we finished just behind the USA to take a 9th place finish, and 11th/16 overall. We are very happy with this, and now have some idea of what we can improve on for our next try at racing with the best in the world.

2019-05-18 WRC2019 - Slalom

Our first go at slalom as a team couldn't have been better! We put down a couple of decent runs, got all the gates with style and only hit a few of them. Many of the other teams were missing gates, so we finished a very respectable 10th place, and we are sitting 11th overall so far heading into the final race, the downriver tomorrow.

Slalom race

Photo: IRF

2019-05-17 WRC2019 - Head to Head

This morning we faced off against a strong Russian team in the head to head race. This was our first experience of the new and improved race format, and we were impressed with how much better it is.

Head to Head race

Photo: IRF

Russia proved too fast for us, and after a brief contact off the line they pulled ahead and maintained the lead to the finish line. We put in a respectable time though, that saw us finish 11th place. Russia went on to place 3rd, so we are not too surprised that we didn't prevail.

2019-05-16 WRC2019 - Sprint

The first day of racing as a team! We had a good day out on the river today, hit our lines and paddled well together.

Sprint race

Photo: IRF

The course was long for a sprint - over 4 minutes. We put in a respectable performance, finishing 11th/16. Just ahead of the USA!

Sprint race results

Tomorrow is the Head to Head racing, and we are excited to try the new race format. We saw some of the U19 and U23 racing the course, and it looks like a lot of fun. We have a tough first race against Russia.

2019-05-11 WRC2019 - Training

Our training time here on the Tully river turned out to be really productive. We have made so much progress as a team in the last 10 days. Learning the details of the river has been a challenge, with 28 rapids on the Downriver course! Many of the rapids are long and complex, and there are some fairly big ones here and there.

The racing is shaping up to be fantastic, and nearly all of the teams are here now. The slalom course is on Staircase rapid, and it is easily the steepest slalom course that we have seen. Here we are practicing the first drop.

Training on the Slalom Course

Photo: Annie Theis

This will be the first World Rafting Championships for some of the team, and the first time that any of us have raced the new head to head format. We are looking forward to seeing how we compare to the other teams out there. There are a few days of official practice to go, and then we start 4 days of racing on the 16th with the Sprint.

Good days on the river

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