Petawawa River

Thumbnail ImageThe Petawawa river rises in northern Algonquin park and flows south east before flowing into the Ottawa river just downstream of the town of Petawawa. There are several whitewater sections, the most popular being the 'Town Run'. We regularly use the town run for training, usually on a Wenedsday evening. More information can be found on Wikipedia, the Eastern Canada Rivers and the Whitewater Ontario online guidebooks.


Eastern Canada Rivers Guidebook

Whitewater Ontario Guidebook

The Petawawa river was under threat from a proposed hydro scheme which would have dewatered a large part of the 'Town Run' for much of the year. The local community joined with recreational water users to oppose the development, and for the moment it looks like the danger has passed.

Community Alliance to Save the Petawawa

Our training programme will be severely impacted if this hydro scheme ever goes ahead - so please speak up for the Petawawa!

Good days on the river

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